Flight Ready

Aviation English for Successful Flight Training

Imagine the disappointment of not being able to enter your dream flight school because you can't pass the English test.


Flight Ready is specifically designed to improve the aviation English skills of ab initio student pilots who are non-native speakers of English.

This 7-week intensive course focuses on key aviation topics essential for successful flight training and enhances communication skills and understanding of flight training materials.

This course is for you if you want to ...

  • Improve your chances of acceptance into your dream flight school
  • Gain the English proficiency needed to succeed in ground school
  • Communicate confidently with instructors and classmates
  • Master aviation-specific terminology and communication skills
  • Take notes on spoken and written information relating to ground school training topics  
  • Feel prepared and confident in all aspects of your flight training
  • Improve your career prospects in the aviation industry
  • Connect with a supportive community of fellow aviation enthusiasts
  • Receive personalised guidance from an ICAO Aviation English Examiner

Eliminate expensive accommodation fees by getting ready for your flight training from home.

Flight Ready is a blended learning course that combines self-study with instructor-led training, offering a comprehensive approach to mastering aviation English. This course features a structured format comprising both scheduled live sessions and interactive activities on an online platform. With a maximum of 4 participants per group, you'll get plenty of attention and interaction to deepen your understanding and application of aviation English.



100 hours of structured e-learning content spread over 15 modules. Interactive lessons and practical language activities covering a wide range of aviation subjects.


15 hours of live lessons with an ICAO Aviation English Examiner. These classes allow for real-time interaction with the instructor, providing opportunities for direct feedback, clarifications, and live practice of the language skills being taught.


2 x private tutorials providing personalised guidance and targeted support to address your unique challenges and goals.


Dedicated online community: Connect with other course members, share experiences, and get additional support in a collaborative community.

about your instructor

Hey there! I’m Nikki, your go-to expert for Aviation English.  

I’ve always had a love for languages, a passion that led me from my home in the UK to Spain in 2002 to immerse myself in learning Spanish. This journey ignited my career in language education, and now, with over 20 years of teaching experience, I’ve combined my love for languages and aviation to help pilots and air traffic controllers improve their English proficiency.
I’ve dedicated myself to supporting professionals in this field, initially face-to-face, and now online through Plane and Simple English. My mission is to help you achieve fluency and confidence in English within an aviation context, whether you’re preparing for exams or looking for ongoing support.

In my free time, you’ll find me studying new languages (currently Korean!) and planning my next adventure. My dream is to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle, exploring the world while continuing to share my love for languages and aviation.

  • Over 20 years of teaching experience
  • ICAO Aviation English Examiner and Instructor
  • ICAO Rater Trainer
  • Cambridge English Examiner
  • Language School Director

Course start dates

All courses have a duration of 7 weeks and start on the first Monday of the month.  
With a limit of just 4 participants per course, be sure to reserve your place well in advance to secure your spot.

Next course:

5 August


"The English classes were very helpful! They greatly enhanced my language skills and transformed my confidence during English conversations.  I highly recommend Nikki's classes to anyone looking to improve their language proficiency."   

Geoffrey M
Airline Pilot

how does the e-learning work?

The e-learning platform is specifically designed for the professional aviation training context, minimising redundant learning and ensuring you are well-prepared when you begin your flight training. By using authentic language that naturally occurs in aviation settings, you develop listening and reading skills essential for your success. Additionally, the content-driven approach increases your familiarity with aviation, giving you the confidence to excel in your training.

  • 15 modules (500+ activities) of aviation-related interactive language activities, covering topics such as meteorology, air law, instrumentation, flight planning and navigation. 
  • Access your course and grade book to review scores and track progress.
  • Practise listening to instructors, fellow students, and training centre staff.
  • Practise reading technical manuals and documents.
  • Develop grammatical and vocabulary skills.
  • Enhance pronunciation for better understanding and clarity.
  • Accessible on any device: smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Provided through a user-friendly platform.

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Personalised Learning, On Your Schedule 

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