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This free eBook is an essential guide for anyone preparing for an aviation English test. Written by an experienced language expert, this guide shares valuable tips on how to describe aviation-related photos and impress your examiner! You will learn how to organise your discourse effectively, expand your vocabulary, and confidently deliver your monologue.

"The English classes were very helpful! They greatly enhanced my language skills and transformed my confidence during English conversations.  I highly recommend Nikki's classes to anyone looking to improve their language proficiency."   

Geoffrey M
Airline Pilot

About Me

Hello! I'm Nikki. Originally from the UK, I moved to Spain in 2002, a decision that marked a significant new phase in my career. In Spain, I founded a language school and, over time, developed a specialisation in aviation after starting to work with my local flight school in Jerez, a role I balanced alongside managing my own language school. This led to the establishment of Plane and Simple English. My business is committed to helping pilots and air traffic controllers in passing their ICAO ELP exams, handling the interview procedures for flight schools and cadet programs, and improving their English communication abilities within the aviation industry.

  • Over 20 years of experience as an English teacher
  • ICAO Aviation English Examiner & Instructor
  • ICAO Rater Trainer
  • Cambridge Examiner

"Nikki is my favourite English teacher. She is really patient and her teaching style is amazing. I have gained a lot of confidence in my English and highly recommend her without doubt.  If you want to improve your aviation English, it is time to get in touch with Nikki!" 

Ablaye M
Head of Flight Ops

"Nikki is a wonderful teacher who managed to achieve in a short time what others could not. I gained a lot of confidence in my aeronautical English tests, and learnt to make great descriptions of images and videos."

José Luís Santos
Helicopter Pilot


"Nikki's guidance has made a tremendous difference, and I cannot thank her enough. Her teaching style is exceptional, making complex concepts easy to comprehend. Thanks to her guidance, my confidence soared. Nikki made herself available whenever I needed assistance, going above and beyond her duties as a teacher."

Marta M